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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is here to provide assistance and answer common questions.

  • Do you accept returns?
    All returns are accepted within the first 14 days of purchase. The buyer would have to return the bike back to the workshop within the 14 days and notify us of his returns for the returns procedure to start.
  • Will I need a license to ride my e-bikes?
    No they will not as we have the 250W bikes so they only go around 15-17 mph as our top speed to comply with UK and EU law and are not restricted to usage on Private land.
  • How are the e-bikes charged?
    The bikes come with regular UK wall plugs. The bikes have a charging port (like charging your laptop). It is a simple plug-in to any socket. When the charger has a RED light, this means it's charging. When shows the GREEN light then it's fully charged.
  • Is the battery/bike waterproof?
    Yes, the battery casing is waterproof in that it wont get wet, it has surge and charge protection too. But misuse of the battery ie submerging in water then the Battery warranty may be void after the initial Warranty period has come to an end.
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