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EXE London e-bikes is a business unit created to enhance the green commitment and better serve the vision of London EXE Ltd. to make the world a better place in partnership. The company is a fast-growing, London-based consumer product design, development and manufacturing partner for reputed retailers and brands worldwide.


EXE London strives to provide the best UK custom-built electric bikes worldwide, using high-quality global materials, local bike designers and builders. Our bikes, inspected and tested in our partner factory, containing the highest quality parts and are delivered to your door to be easily assembled.

At London EXE Ltd., we put time and care into our stringent testing policies for sourcing our materials. We rigorously test our premium batteries and state-of-the-art brushless motors to ensure safety, reliability and industry-leading performance.


We continually expand and diversify our products from overseas while working with exciting and creative brands, ideas and suppliers. We strive to promote enterprise and development industriously and sustainably.


Pioneering the expansion of overseas businesses by providing better and more comprehensive services to our overseas clients, our combined companies have diverse advantages over existing competition. With our partners in Asia and Africa, we have access to sourcing the best industry parts. Combined with creative and innovative minds, we can create the perfect product and an invaluable partnership.

EXE London Operations


Stylish Designs

With our Metropolitan City Series, you can choose from a range of bespoke and sleek designs inspired by different cities across the world.

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Enterprise-level Quality

Our e-bikes are built by highly skilled and experienced bike technicians with cutting-edge materials and technology, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

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Fast Charging

Our e-bike batteries not only provide exceptional performance but also offer the added convenience of a quick full charge time of just 3.5 hours.

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Value for Money

Our prices are competitive with the market, with various options suited for every need.  With out products, you can trust that you're getting the best value for your investment.

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Gears & System

Our Shimano components produce a seamless bicycle-to-rider contact that requires less energy from the rider resulting in a smoother ride.

Asset 6.png

Adaptable & Personalised

The bike's adaptability and personalisation options are evident in its 21 gears, which can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Our e-bike is designed to fit your lifestyle.


Our bikes seek to be unique by providing a value proposition that consumers cherish. We select promising products from global manufacturers, redesign them to address what falls short of consumer expectations, build them up with beneficial features, and reinvent them with Western tastes. 

Key features of our e-bikes:

•  Portability and speed: Foldable and electric boost e-bikes.

•  Comfortable and convenient: 26-inch tyres provide ease of use and better comfort.

•  Sturdy and safe: Robust front & rear shock absorbers help to keep you safe.

•  Adaptability and personalisation: The 21 gears can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

•  Long-lasting, reliable and sustainable: 36V LG li-ion, easy-to-change battery with low electricity consumption.

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