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We are excited to introduce our Metropolitan City range, which includes our Flag-inspired collection, designed for those who take pride in their country. Our products are constructed using only the highest quality parts and engineered in our overseas facilities, resulting in cost savings that we pass on to our valued customers.


Our Metropolitan City range is tailored to meet the needs of daily commuters and individuals who wish to improve their fitness levels. Our Pedalac bike range provides an efficient and comfortable ride, offering pedal assistance when required, so you can enjoy your journey without breaking a sweat.


By investing in our stylish e-bikes, you can avoid the inflated costs of rail travel while owning a lifetime asset. We've designed our range with you in mind, ensuring that you can travel in comfort and style.

Union Classic


Folding bike with Front & rear shock absorber


Tyre: 26 inch


Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061


NEDC: Accelerator Mode 10AH-30-40KM,13AH-55-60km 

What makes our Bikes Tick

Parts. Expertise. Passion.

We use precision parts sourced from only the best places from our overseas Facilities.

Boasting Our Shimano Gears, 21 Speed capability and excellent clear cut designs.

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