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This electric bike boasts an eye-catching Italian Sports Car Based design and provides a quiet, smooth, solid, and powerful ride with its Brushless Motor. This is one of our new models from our  Metropolitan City Series, featuring branded Kenda Tryres , Shimano 7 Cassette gears, Hydraulic brakes and A handy LCD Display. Built in Front and Rear Lights for extra safety as well a handy Horn to warn those around you of your presence.


The user-friendly display is located front and center on the handlebars, making it effortless to read and providing crucial information such as pedal assist level (or throttle mode), battery level, speed, odometer, and trip distance.


It is a versatile bike that combines the features of daily bicycles, electric bikes, mountain bikes, snow bikes, and sand beach electric bikes, making it practical and convenient for everyday use.

Toro Vicente


Folding bike with Front & rear shock absorber


Tyre: 26 inch Kenda Tyres K1153 Clincher Tyres-Inverted Grip.


Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061


NEDC: Accelerator Mode: 7.8ah-28-35km 

What makes our Bikes Tick

Parts. Expertise. Passion.

We use precision parts sourced from only the best places from our overseas Facilities.

Boasting Our Shimano Gears, 21 Speed capability and excellent clear cut designs.

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